Decarbonisation & Sustainability Day (DSD)

04 april 2023

Weet u al waar uw bedrijf zal staan in 2030… of zelfs in 2050 ?

Bij BERGERAT MONNOYEUR en ENERIA, denken we alle dagen aan uw toekomst !

Benieuwd naar de technische oplossingen van BERGERAT MONNOYEUR en ENERIA om uw bedrijf klaar te stomen voor de toekomst ?

Op donderdag 8 juni 2023, van 12.00 tot 18.00, organiseren we sessies die u gratis kan volgen om onze oplossingen te ontdekken.

U kan 5 sessies volgen*

  • Hydrogen-based energy solutions: Live demonstration of our 110kVA hydrogen generator set based on fuel cell technology. Instant power, zero emission,  super silent and ready-to-use on your construction sites, events or wherever you need power! By Koen Van Roy – Project Engineer Eneria
  • Grid support and flexibility: How can you help to avoid a Belgian black-out and make money at the same time! Find out on how to valorize your assets (CHP, emergency generator sets, batteries, E-boilers, PV, HVAC, large electrical consumers, …) to generate additional revenue streams. How can you support the growth of renewables on the power grid and maintain grid balance. Discover what flexibility services are! What is the difference between FCR, aFFR and mFFR? How to participate in CRM (Capacity Remuneration Mechanism) or in the imbalance optimization services. By Curd Merlo – Head of Sales & Marketing Eneria
  • Alternative fuels: Decarbonization of your activity can be done in many ways. However, not everything can be “zero emission” right-away. “Reducing” emissions by using alternative fuels is also a way to “decarbonize”. In this session we will look at the various possibilities such as HVO, FAME, Biodiesel, H2, MeOH, … The internal combustion engine is not dead yet ;)! By Bram Cludts – Applcation Engineer Eneria
  • Solar Energy Solutions: Solar panels are more than ever a quick and straightforward solution to generate your own green energy and thus to decarbonize. On top of that they are also more than ever profitable. Roof-mounted, ground-mounted, parking canopy systems, floating PV, … We look at the possibilities and present a business case. Furthermore we explain how to make this business case more profitable (own energy consumption, energy sharing, PPA, …). By Erwin Theys – Business Development Eneria
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems: What is the role of industrial battery solutions in the energy transition? How is a battery system designed and what is the design for specific applications such as storage, congestion, peak shaving and grid support? What are possible business cases? What are the market trends and the future of battery technology? By Frank Steenhaut – Business Development Eneria
  • Sustainable CHP (Combined Heat & Power) Solutions: CHP (Combined Heat & Power) 2.0 – If you need heat and electricity simultaneously, CHP is still the Best Available Technology (BAT).  How to make this energy-efficient technology even more (fuel)flexible and sustainable? The world of today and tomorrow needs flexible, “controllable” power to support the increasing share of renewables (wind and solar) in the national energy mix. What is the role of CHP in this statement? By Erik Devis – Account Manager Eneria
  • Cat® Certified Rebuild: Did you know that Cat® machines are made to be rebuild? Just like a real cat, our Cat® machines have more than 1 life, all of the components are made for it. After a rebuild your Cat® machine will have a second life! Join this session to discover how Bergerat Monnoyeur can offer you an economical and ecological alternative to a new machine. By Benny Nemegeer – Head of service marketing
  • Actual Fleet Improvements: We will dive into the impact of idling time on CO2 emissions and how operators can reduce it right now. Learn about the latest techniques and technologies that can help you minimize the environmental impact of your operations. Our expert speakers will also share insights on Vision Link and how it can revolutionize your fleet management. We’ll also showcase the latest generation of CAT XE machines and CAT engines that are ready for HVO, a clean and sustainable fuel. You’ll get an exclusive look at the cutting-edge technology that powers these machines and how they can help you reduce your carbon footprint. By Pieter Quaegebeur – Senior Demonstrator
  • Construction Industries Journey Towards Reduced Emissions: Construction customers understand sustainability is important, but admit they do not always know where to start. Advanced power technologies are being developed that may be leveraged in the future. And there are many levers that can be activated today, which can significantly reduce carbon emissions. By Marco Ferrera Caterpillar Construction Industry EAME Strategy Manager


*Elke sessies duurt ongeveer 40 minuten


Interesse ? Schrijf nu in en wees klaar voor de toekomst!



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