Cat® trailer-mount knuckleboom loaders feature hydraulic systems that provides smooth performance and fuel efficiency. High swing torque, swing speed and lift capacity reduce cycle times and lower cost per ton. The heavy-duty booms and structures provide reliable operation and reduce service costs. Spacious work stations, excellent visibility, and ergonomic controls reduce operator fatigue, resulting in a more productive shift. A wide range of machine sizes with optional factory installed hydraulic packages are available to increase loader utilization. Options include bar slasher, circle saw slasher, delimber, carrier and grapple saw.
Technische informatie
Brutovermogen 129.8 kg/mm
Cat® dieselmotoren C6.6 Tier 3
Motortoerental (nominaal) 2200 tpm
Bedrijfsgewicht 15422 kg
Contragewicht 1392.5 kg
Bedrijfsgewicht* 15422 kg
Lengte laadkraan 9.9 m
Stabilizers (4) - Pad Size 55,8 cm × 66 cm (22" × 26")
Swing Bearing - Diameter - OD 137.2 cm
Brandstof 336.9 l
Hydraulisch 246 l
Hydraulisch systeem
Opbrengsten bij nominaal toerental 393 l/min
Systeemdruk 24131 kPa
Zwenksnelheid 9 tpm
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