Brat manipulare materiale Cat® pentru miniincarcatoare

Folosit in aplicatii industriale, dar si in agricultura pentru a cara si pozitiona diverse materiale si echipamente - compatibil cu miniincarcatoare si incarcatoare de talie mica Cat.

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Designed to pick up, carry and load a variety of materials and equipment. Also well suited for loading, carrying and setting trees and large shrubs in landscaping applications.

Heavy-Duty Locking Clasp

Heavy-duty locking clasp swivels a full 360° and can be used at either lift point.

Multi-Angled Boom

Single, multi-angled boom provides excellent visibility to the load.

Two Lift Points

Two lift points, one at the far end of the boom and one closer to the machine mid point, offer excellent reach plus load and carry capabilities.

Serrated Step

Serrated bolt-on step provides safe ingress and egress from machine cab and is replaceable if damaged.

Two Storage Compartments

Two compartments on the front arm provide ample storage for chains and hooks.

Dual Tie-Bown Holes

Dual tie-down holes provide load support during transport.

Specificatii tehnice


Overall Width 1316 mm
Maximum Load Rating 907 kg
Maximum Horizontal Reach 2134 mm
Weight 127 kg
Overall Height 1473 mm
Retracted Length 1016 mm
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler
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