Cupe Heavy Duty - Miniexcavatoare Cat® 762 mm (30 in)

High strength buckets designed for maximum performance and value over a broad range of applications.

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Cat® Heavy Duty Buckets are well suited for semi-rocky soil or where hard bank material must be broken out and removed. Ideal for utility trenching, digging footings, back-filling and general excavating in construction, landscaping and utility applications.

Bucket Shape

Enhanced bucket shape allows material to flow more easily. Tapered bucket sidewalls allow for easy dumping of sticky material.

Superior Bucket Fill

Optimum wrapper angle and no sharp corners promote superior bucket fill and reduce material packing.

Bucket Design

Formed back wrapper design enhances bucket loading ability and production.

Specificatii tehnice


Width 762 mm
Capacity 308.7 l
Weight 207 kg
Base Edge Thickness 25 mm
Tip Radius 945.2 mm
Interface Type Pin On
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