Rototilt Cat® TRS14 Tiltrotator

Cat® Tiltrotators help you get the job done faster with the quality you expect from Cat products. Integrated to your excavator, Tiltrotators are productive, easy-to-use, and add value to your operation. Tiltrotators are a versatile solution providing enhancements to your operation.

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Easy Operation

  • Machine joysticks include Tilt-rotator controls, preventing delay between operator command and action
  • Oil-filled gear box keeps gears constantly lubricated, extending the life of the rotor
  • Lubrication System has one grease point, which can be attached to the machine’s greasing
  • Innovative Control System has four unique operator settings

Seamless Integration

  • Tilt-rotators connect to the machine’s HP2 circuit leaving the HP1 circuit for an additional attachment, ensuring smooth hydraulic flow to both
  • Display function integrates into the machine’s monitor
  • Positioning system connects to Cat GRADE with 3D

Stay Safe

  • Grapple module is faster and safer than people manually moving heavy objects
  • Operator stays in cab while switching attachments
  • Hydraulic quick connect does not require manual hose change
  • Double acting tilt cylinders have built-in load holding valves in the event of pressure loss

Enhanced Versatility

  • 40⁰ left and right tilt, plus 360° rotation adds capability to fixed attachments
  • Use grapple module without removing bottom attachment
  • Mixed configurations enable use of multiple attachment interfaces
  • Innovative Control system has settings for four unique operators

Up to 13% More Productivity

  • Controls allow for simultaneous tilt, rotation, and machine movement
  • Short height maintains consistent breakout force for digging
  • Hydraulic quick connect changes attachments in seconds
  • Do more work with less attachments and machines

Specificatii tehnice


Excavator Class 14-19 tons
Rotation Speed 7 seconds, per 1 full rotation
Interface Options: Top-Bottom Pin-on-CW30, Pin-on-CW30 S, Pin-on-S60, CW30-CW30, CW30 S-CW30 S, S60-S60
Tilt Angle Range +/- 40° Left/Right
Weight 540-669 kg (1190-1475 lb)
Overall Height 1160-1345 mm (45.67-52.95 in)
Width 810-1017 mm (31.89-40.04 in)
Length 800-850 mm (31.50-33.46 in)
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