Elevating Scrapers Caterpillar 623G

623G Wheel Tractor Scraper. Responsible, productive earthmoving machines, built to last.

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Elevator Mechanism

The elevator mechanism conditions material as it works, lifting material off the cutting edge and carrying it to the top of the load for true self-loading capability. The 623G is ideal for windrowing, blending material as well as breaking up vegetation in stripping operations.

Scraper Bowl

Caterpillar Scraper bowls deliver large loads with better retention, excellent material flow, fast cycle times and high productivity. Relocating the implement valve to the draft tube improves access and serviceability.


The latest electronic monitoring systems, grouped service points, and rugged Caterpillar components simplify maintenance and minimize downtime. New two-piece access doors open easily and stay open for better access.


Superior structural design delivers state-of-the-art ride, capacity, and material control while assuring the durability and reliability customers expect from Caterpillar.

Customer Support

The best parts availability and the best service capability will help keep your equipment working.

Power Train – Transmission

Planetary powershift transmission delivers excellent load capability. Redesigned front and rear axles accommodate wider brake shoes and drums. The neutral coast inhibitor and programmable top gear reduce wear while increasing machine performance.

Electronic Controls

Electronic controls improve machine response and provide advanced diagnostic capabilities that result in better machine availability. The Product Link option allows remote monitoring of location, machine system status, and alert indicators.

Power Train – Engine

Electronically controlled Caterpillar® engines with ACERT technology, modular radiator with 9 fins per inch, and an Electronic Control Module maximizes power to the cutting edge and exceptional haul road speed.

Operator Station

Convenient control placement and a comfortable work environment are keys to high productivity. Features include Single Lever Implement Control, an air seat suspension and improved instrumentation.

Specificatii tehnice


Net Power - Tractor/Scraper 246 kW (330 hp)
Tractor Engine C15 ACERT
Net Power - Gears 1-2 246 kW
Net Power - Gears 3-8 272 kW
Gross Power - Gears 1-2 268 kW
Gross Power - Gears 3-8 294 kW
Bore 140 mm
Stroke 165 mm
Displacement 15.2 l
Net Power 246 kW
Travel Speed - Maximum 51.5 km/h
1 Forward 5 km/h
2 Forward 7.6 km/h
3 Forward 10.9 km/h
4 Forward 14.8 km/h
5 Forward 19.9 km/h
6 Forward 26.9 km/h
7 Forward 36.4 km/h
8 Forward 51.5 km/h
Reverse 9.2 km/h
Bowl Cylinder Bore 152 mm
Bowl Cylinder Stroke 508 mm
Floor Cylinder Bore 152 mm
Floor Cylinder Stroke 1353 mm
Ejector Cylinder Bore 127 mm
Ejector Cylinder Stroke 1220 mm
Steering Circuit 209 l/min
Scraper Circuit 241 l/min
Cushion Hitch Circuit 37 l/min
Supplemental Steering Circuit 150 l/min
Relief Valve - Steering Circuit 15500 kPa
Relief Valve - Implement Circuit 17300 kPa
Compensator Settings - Cushion Hitch Circuit 16000 kPa
Compensator Settings - Elevator Circuit 36175 kPa
Scraper Bowl
Capacity Heaped 17.5 m³
Rated Load 25000 kg
Capacity - Struck 13.8 m³
Depth of Cut - Maximum 330 mm
Width - Cut - To Router Bits 3505 mm
Ground Clearance - Maximum 387 mm
Cutting Edge Thickness 29 mm
Hydraulic Penetration Force 150 kN
Depth of Spread - Maximum 380 mm
Length - Overall 3730 mm
Width - Flight Face 217 mm
Length - Flights 2260 mm
Spacing of Flights 510 mm
Number of Flights 15
Width - 180° Turn 10.9 m
Steering Angle - Right 90°
Steering Angle - Left 85°
Hydraulic Output 209 l/min
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 606 l
Crankcase 36 l
Transmission 72 l
Differential 144 l
Final Drive - Each 19 l
Wheel Coolant - Each 45 l
Cooling System 107 l
Hydraulic Reservoir 140 l
Total Operating - Empty 37435 kg
Front Axle 23958 kg
Rear Axle 13477 kg
Total Shipping 36830 kg
Tractor Shipping 23940 kg
Scraper Shipping 12891 kg
Total Operating - Loaded 62435 kg
Front Axle Weight - Loaded 31218 kg
Rear Axle - Weight - Loaded 31218 kg
Height - Overall Shipping 3708 mm
Length - Overall Machine 13209 mm
Width - Overall Machine 3556 mm
Height - Top of Cab 3423 mm
Height - Scraper Blade Maximum 380 mm
Width - Tractor 3130 mm
Width - Inside of Bowl 2946 mm
Width - Rear Tire Center Lines 2180 mm
Width - Outside Rear Tires 3048 mm
Rim Radius 432 mm
Front of Tractor to Front Axle 3058 mm
Wheel Base 7976 mm
Rear Axle - Rear of Machine 2176 mm
Ground Clearance - Tractor 553 mm
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