Excavatoare de talie mare Cat® 340F L

The 340F is built to keep your production numbers up and your owning and operating costs down. Not only does the machine's C9.3 ACERT engine meet EU Stage IV emission standards, but it does so while giving you all the power, fuel efficiency, and reliability you need to succeed. The 340F features a Heavy Duty High Wide Undercarriage (HDHW) that absorbs stresses and provides excellent stability and durability. Additionally, the high ground clearance is ideal in rock environments, bringing the upper frame in a safer high position. Where the real power comes in is through the hydraulic system. You can literally move tons of material all day long with a great deal of speed and precision. When you add in a quiet operator environment that keeps you comfortable and productive, ground-level service points that make your routine maintenance easy, and multiple Cat work tools that help you take on a variety of jobs, you simply won't find a better 40-ton machine.

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  • SmartBoom™ technology reduces stress and vibrations transmitted to the machine during rock scraping, hammer work and truck loading resulting in greater productivity and fuel efficiency.
  • Major hydraulic components are located close together so shorter tubes and lines can be used, leading to less friction loss, reduced pressure drops, and more power to the ground.
  • The main control valve opens slowly when the range of joystick lever movement is small and opens rapidly when movement is high, putting flow where you need it when you need it for smoother operation and greater efficiency.
  • Electric boom and stick regeneration keeps oil flow at the head and rod ends of the cylinders instead of going back to the tank, which results in less pressure loss for higher controllability, more productivity, and lower operating costs.
  • Heavy lift mode increases machine system pressure to improve lift – a nice benefit in certain situations. Heavy lift mode also reduces engine speed and pump flow in order to improve controllability.

Work Tools

  • Multiple Cat Work Tools – designed specifically for Cat machines – are available for a wide range of applications.
  • Cat quick couplers allow you to switch from one tool to another in a matter of minutes.
  • Cat tool control remembers pressures and flows for up to 10 tools that can be selected from the monitor so you can quickly get to work after each tool change.


  • Routine maintenance items like grease points, fluid taps, filters, and drain tubes can be reached at ground level.
  • Compartment doors are designed to prevent debris entry, and they securely latch in place to enhance ease of service.
  • The side-by-side cooling system is efficient and easy to clean, and it is capable of being upgraded for high-ambient conditions.


  • Heavy Duty Reach booms and sticks offer you all around versatility for general excavation work like multipurpose digging and loading.
  • Mass Excavation boom and sticks provide higher digging forces for heavy material like rock due to special boom and stick geometry, bucket linkage, and cylinders built for greater durability.
  • The upper frame is built with special mounts to support the ROPS cab.
  • The lower frame is reinforced to enhance component durability.
  • Track shoes, links, rollers, idlers, and final drives are built with high-tensile-strength steel.
  • Grease-lubricated track link prevents dirt and debris from entering.


  • The full-size roll-over protective structure (ROPS) cab is both quiet and comfortable.
  • The automatic climate control system maintains consistent cab temperature.
  • Joysticks, armrests, and seats adjust to your preference.
  • Seats include heated and cooled options.
  • The LED monitor is programmable in 42 languages.
  • A drink holder, storage areas, and auxiliary power outlets are in easy-to-reach areas.


  • The C9.3 ACERT engine meets EU Stage IV emission standards.
  • The emissions package works behind the scenes without interrupting your job.
  • Engine speed control automatically lowers rpm when the machine doesn't need it to help you save fuel.
  • Two power modes – standard and eco – and automatic engine idle shutdown help you more actively manage fuel consumption.

Technology Options

  • Product Link™/VisionLink® connects you to your machine, providing access to its location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, events, and diagnostic codes.

Specificatii tehnice


Engine Model Cat® C9.3 ACERT™
Net Flywheel Power 228 kW
Bore 115 mm
Stroke 149 mm
Displacement 9.3 l
Power - ISO 9249 - Metric 228 kW (310 PS)
Gross Power - SAE J1995 238 kW (324 PS)
Operating Weight 42800 kg
Maximum Weight 42800 kg
Number of Carrier Rollers - Each Side 2 pieces
Number of Track Rollers - Each Side 9 pieces
Number of Shoes - Each Side 49 pieces
Swing Speed 8.8 r/min
Maximum Travel Speed 4.8 km/h
Maximum Drawbar Pull 291 kN
Hydraulic System
Boom Cylinder - Stroke 1440 mm
Maximum Pressure - Travel 35000 kPa
Maximum Flow - Pilot System 150 l/min
Boom Cylinder - Bore 150 mm
Maximum Flow - Swing System 279 l/min
B1 Bucket Cylinder - Bore 160 mm
B1 Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 1356 mm
Maximum Pressure - Swing 28000 kPa
Stick Cylinder - Stroke 1738 mm
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Heavy Lift 38000 kPa
Maximum Flow - Main System 570 l/min
Maximum Pressure - Equipment 35000 kPa
Stick Cylinder - Bore 170 mm
Maximum Pressure - Pilot System 4100 kPa
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 620 l
Cooling System 43 l
Swing Drive - Each 19 l
Final Drive - Each 8 l
Hydraulic Tank Oil 175 l
Engine Oil - With Filter 32 l
Hydraulic System Oil Capacity - Including Tank 380 l
Sound Performance
Operator Sound Pressure Level - ISO 6396:2008 73 dB(A)
Exterior Sound Power Level - ISO 6395:2008* 106 dB(A)
Brakes ISO 10265:2008
Cab/FOGS ISO 10262:1998
Cab - ROPS ISO 12117-2; ISO 12117-2:2008
Hydraulic System
Maximum Flow - Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 4100 l/min
Minimum Weight 40100 kg
DEF ISO 22241
Service Refill Capacities
DEF Tank 41 l
Maximum Gradeability 30°/70%
Track Options 850 mm/700 mm/600 mm (33.5 in/27.6 in/23.6 in)
Hydraulic System
Maximum Flow - Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 29 l/min
Sound Performance
Note * As per European Union Directive 2000/14/EC as amended by 2005/88/EC.
Power - ISO 14396 - Metric 234 kW (318 PS)
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