Excavatoare pe senile de talie medie Cat® 330

The Cat® 330 excavator has the speed, efficiency, and power for your heavy-duty applications requiring maximum productivity. You get built-in Cat GRADE with 2D, Grade Assist, and Payload as standard equipment right from the factory – boosting your operator efficiency by up to 45 percent. Combine these features with a new cab, longer maintenance intervals and increased fuel efficiency, and you have a low-cost-per-unit-of-production excavator built for your heavy-duty applications. Not all features available in all regions. Consult your Cat dealer for specific configurations available in your region.

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Boost Efficiency and Boost Productivity with Integrated Cat Connect

  • Boost productivity up to 45 percent versus traditional grading with standard Cat GRADE with 2D system - includes indicate-only and laser capability.      
    • Dig with guidance to depth, slope, and horizontal distance to grade. You can set up to four different target depth and slope offsets to help save time and money. When the job calls for a different offset, quickly switch through the monitor and get to work.
    • The 2D system is upgradable to Cat GRADE with Advanced 2D or Cat GRADE with 3D. 
  • Standard Grade Assist:     
    • Stay on grade – simply and effortlessly – with single-lever digging.
    • Set your desired bucket angle and let Bucket Assist automatically maintain the angle in sloping, leveling, fine grading, and trenching applications for easy, accurate, and fast jobs.
    • Keep the tracks on the ground in lifting and hard digging with Boom Assist.
    • Automatically stop excavator swing at operator-defined set points in truck loading and trenching applications with Swing Assist, which will help you use less effort and consume less fuel.
  • Standard Cat PAYLOAD onboard weighing system:     
    • Achieve precise load targets and increase loading efficiency with on-the-go weighing and real-time estimates of your payload without swinging.
    • Track your daily productivity such as truck target weights and load/cycle counts.
    • Calibration can be performed in a matter of minutes.
    • Combine Payload with VisionLink® and remotely manage your production targets.
  • Upgrade to optional Cat GRADE with Advanced 2D:     
    • Create and edit grade designs with ease on a second high-resolution 254 mm (10 in) touchscreen monitor.
  • Upgrade to optional Cat GRADE with 3D:     
    • Create and edit designs with ease and see the front linkage’s full range of motion on a second high-resolution 254 mm (10 in) touchscreen monitor.
    • Use the excavator’s onboard cell technology to quickly connect to 3D services like TCC or VRS.
    • Know the excavator ’s exact position relative to GPS and GLONASS systems.
    • The machine automatically compensates for excavator pitch and roll caused by sloping ground conditions.
    • Antennas have theft-prevention bolts; a special tool makes them easy for the owner to remove at the end of a shift.
  • The standard 2D E-fence feature integrated right out of the factory prevents the excavator from moving outside operator-defined set points. 
  • Standard Product Link™ collects data automatically and accurately from your assets – any type and any brand. Information such as location, hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, maintenance alerts, diagnostic codes, and machine health can be viewed online through web and mobile applications.

Simple to Operate

  • Start the engine with a push button; use a Bluetooth key fob, smartphone app, or the unique Operator ID function.
  • Program your power mode and joystick preferences using Operator ID; the excavator will remember what you set each time you go to work.
  • Navigate quickly on the standard high-resolution 203 mm (8 in) touchscreen monitor, or with the optional 254 mm (10 in) touchscreen monitor, or with the aid of the jog dial control.
  • A second 254 mm (10 in) monitor is available for the advanced grade control.
  • Not sure how a function works or how to maintain the excavator? Always have the operator’s manual at your fingertips in the touchscreen monitor.
  • Find the tool you need – even if it’s hidden beneath overgrowth or debris. The excavator’s onboard Bluetooth reader can search for any work tool equipped with Cat asset tracking devices up to a range of 60 meters (200 feet).

Work in Comfort in the All-New Cab

  • Choose between Deluxe and Premium cabs – both with automatic climate control.
  • The Deluxe seat is heated and air adjustable. The Premium seat is heated and cooled and adjusts automatically.
  • Get in and out of the cab easier using the tip-up left console.
  • Advanced viscous mounts reduce cab vibration up to 50 percent over previous excavator models.
  • Control the excavator comfortably with easy-to-reach controls all located in front of you.
  • Stow your gear with plenty of in-cab storage beneath and behind the seat, overhead, and in the consoles. A cup holder, document holder, bottle holder, and coat hook are also provided.
  • Use the standard radio’s USB ports and Bluetooth® technology to connect personal devices and make hands-free calls.

High Performance Digging and Lifting

  • Increase fuel efficiency up to 20 percent over the 330F excavator.
  • Lift more with up to nine percent improved lift capacity and increased bucket size over the 330F excavator.
  • Make working on slopes easier with five percent improved swing torque over the 330F excavator.
  • Increase operating efficiency up to 45 percent with standard Cat Connect technologies that lower operator fatigue and your operating costs, including fuel consumption and daily maintenance.
  • The C7.1 engine can run on biodiesel up to B20 and meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage IV, Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final) and Korea Tier 4 Final emission standards with an aftertreatment system that requires no maintenance or downtime.
  • The advanced hydraulic system provides the optimum balance of power and efficiency while giving you the control you need for precise digging requirements
  • Match the excavator to the job with power modes; let Smart mode automatically match engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions.
  • Advansys™ bucket tips increase penetration and improve cycle times. Tip changes can be done quickly with a simple lug wrench instead of a hammer or special tool, improving safety and uptime.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic options give you the versatility to use a wide range of Cat attachments.
  • Available SmartBoom™ lets the boom freely travel up and down without using any pump flow so operators can focus on stick and bucket work. The benefits are reduced operator stress and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Don’t let the temperature stop you from working. The excavator has a standard high-ambient temperature capability of 52°C (125°F) with de-rate and cold start capability of –18°C (0°F). An optional – 32°C (–25°F) cold start package is available.


  • Expect up to 20 percent less maintenance cost than the 330F. (Savings calculated over 12,000 machine hours.)
  • Do all daily maintenance at ground level.
  • Check engine oil level quickly and safely with the new ground-level engine oil dipstick; fill and check engine oil on top of the machine with a conveniently located second dipstick.
  • Track your excavator’s filter life and maintenance intervals via the in-cab monitor.
  • Do no required maintenance on the Cat Clean Emissions Module.
  • Change all fuel filters at a synchronized 1000 hours – a 100 percent increase over the 330F fuel filters.
  • Expect the new air intake filter with pre-cleaner to last up to 1,000 hours – a 100 percent increase over the previous filter.
  • The new hydraulic oil filter provides improved filtration performance, anti-drain valves to keep oil clean when the filter is replaced, and longer life with a 3,000-hour replacement interval – 50 percent longer than previous filter designs.
  • High-efficiency cooling fans run only when needed; you can program intervals so they automatically reverse to keep cores clean without interrupting your work
  • S·O·SSM ports are on ground level, simplifying maintenance and allowing for quick, easy extraction of fluid samples for analysis.


  • Lift Assist helps you avoid tipping. With visual and auditory alerts, you’ll know if your load is within the excavator’s safe working range limits.
  • Access 100 percent of daily maintenance points from ground level – no need for you to climb on top of the excavator.
  • The standard ROPS cab meets ISO 12117-2:2008 requirements.
  • Enjoy great visibility into the trench, in each swing direction, and behind you with the help of smaller cab pillars, larger windows, and a flat engine hood design.
  • The standard hydraulic lockout lever isolates all hydraulic and travel functions in the lowered position.
  • Ground-level shut-off switch stops all fuel to the engine when activated and shuts down the machine.
  • A rearview camera and a right-side-view camera are standard. Upgrade to 360° visibility and you’ll easily visualize objects and personnel around the excavator in a single view.
  • New right service platform design provides easy, safe, and quick access to upper service platform; the service platform steps use anti-skid punch plate to prevent slipping.
  • Available boom and stick lowering check valves prevent reverse flow, keeping your front linkage securely in place should the hydraulic system unexpectedly lose power.

Specificatii tehnice


Engine Model Cat C7.1
Net Flywheel Power 203 kW
Gross Power - ISO 14396/SAE J1995 205 kW
Net Power - SAE J1349 203 kW
Net Power - ISO 9249 204 kW
Engine RPM - Operation 1750 r/min
Engine RPM - Travel 1750 r/min
Bore 105 mm
Stroke 135 mm
Displacement 7.01 l
Hydraulic System
Main System - Maximum Flow - Implement 560 l/min
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Normal 35000 kPa
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Heavy Lift Mode 38000 kPa
Maximum Pressure - Travel 35000 kPa
Maximum Pressure - Swing 29800 kPa
Machine Weight
Operating Weight 30900 kg
Operating Weight - 800 mm (31”) Triple Grouser Shoes 30900 kg
Note (1) Reach boom, R3.2 m (10'6"") stick, HD 1.76 m3 (2.30 yd3) bucket, 800 mm(31"") triple grouser shoes and 6700 kg (14,770 lb) counterweight.
Operating Weight - 600 mm (24”) Triple Grouser Shoes 30000 kg
Note (2) Reach boom, R3.2 m (10'6"") stick, HD 1.76 m3 (2.30 yd3) bucket, 600 mm(24"") triple grouser shoes and 6700 kg (14,770 lb) counterweight.
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 474 l
Cooling System 25 l
Engine Oil 25 l
Swing Drive 10 l
Final Drive - Each 5.5 l
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 310 l
Hydraulic Tank 147 l
DEF Tank 41 l
Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning The air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 0.9 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 1287 metric tonnes.
Boom Reach 6.15m (20'10"")
Stick Reach 3.2 m (10'6"")
Bucket HD 1.76 m3 (2.3 yd3)
Shipping Height - Top of Cab 3060 mm
Handrail Height 3060 mm
Shipping Length 10420 mm
Tail Swing Radius 3130 mm
Track Length to Center of Rollers 3990 mm
Ground Clearance 490 mm
Track Gauge 2590 mm
Track Gauge - Narrow Undercarriage 2390 mm
Transport Width - 600 mm (24”) Shoes 3190 mm
Transport Width - 600 mm (24") Shoes- Narrow Undercarriage 2990 mm
Transport Width - 800 mm (31”) Shoes 3390 mm
Counterweight Clearance 1120 mm
Working Ranges & Forces
Boom Reach 6.15m (20'17"")
Stick Reach 3.2 m (10'6"")
Bucket HD 1.76 m3 (2.30 yd3)
Maximum Digging Depth 7240 mm
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 10680 mm
Maximum Cutting Height 10030 mm
Maximum Loading Height 6950 mm
Minimum Loading Height 2300 mm
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 7090 mm
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 6010 mm
Bucket Digging Force - ISO 179 kN
Stick Digging Force - ISO 126 kN
Bucket Digging Force - SAE 157 kN
Stick Digging Force - SAE 123 kN
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