Finisoare pe roti Cat® AP300

The AP300 offers superior performance, high transfer speed, optimum maneuverability, easy transportability and job versatility to maximize productivity.

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Cat® 3054C DINA Engine

The four cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine incorporates the proven technology from medium and large bore engines providing quiet performance, high reliability and easy servicing. The engine also meets European EU Stage II emission regulations. The high capacity cooling system provides cool intake air in order to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions.

Generator System

The optional generator provides continuous and simple control in paving operations for ground crew usage. This integrated generator supplies simultaneous power to the electric screed heating elements, electric utility power supply and night lighting system providing high reliability.

Material Handling System

The AP300 provides precise mix delivery with minimal operator monitoring. The independent operation of the augers and conveyors reduces component wear and minimizes the potential for mix segregation. Reversible augers and conveyors assist the crew by reducing handwork and clean-up.

Suspension System

The AP300 is equipped with two large tread drive tyres and four front solid-rubber steering bogie wheels providing optimum ground contact and smooth operation.


The AP300 ensures excellent access to all machine parts requiring scheduled maintenance. Large service doors ensure quick and easy inspection of the main parts. The low transversely mounted engine provides optimum access to the hydraulic pumps. Wiring for the electrical system is numbered and labeled with component identifiers to simplify troubleshooting.


The AP300 is available with the AS3173 hydraulic power extendible asphalt screed, available with variable frequency vibrating system and with LPG or electric heating system. The AS3173 screed lays material to the desired width and depth while providing a smooth finish with initial compaction.

Hydrostatic Drive System

A closed-loop hydrostatic propel system provides accurate control of propulsion. The propel pump provides optimum displacement enhancing servicing. The optional front wheel assist increases rimpull power providing enhanced traction.

Operator's Station

The AP300 includes dual operator's station with sliding control console. The operator's stations can be positioned beyond the machine frame for greater visibility when precise paving control is required.

Specificatii tehnice


Maximum Operating Weight 7300 kg
Operating Specifications
Standard Paving Width 1.70-3.20 m (5.58-10.50 ft)
Truck Dump Height 570 mm
Paving Width Maximum 4 m
Inside Turn Radius 3 m
Paving Width Minimum 0.65 m
Maximum Travel Speed 16 km/h
Hopper Capacity 3.8 m³
Maximum Paving Speed - With Tamper Bar Screed 85 m/min
Truck Entry Width 3.18 m
Gross Power 52 kW
Engine Model Cat 3054C DINA
Transport Width - Hoppers Raised - Screed End Gates Attached 1.73 m
Transport Width - Hoppers Raised - Screed End Gates Removed 1.67 m
Maximum Height 3.34 m
Transport Height 2.96 m
Tractor Operating Width 3.2 m
Length - With Push Roller and Largest Screed 4.82 m
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 79.5 l
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