Frontless Hydraulic Shovels Caterpillar 6030 OEM

Cat Frontless Hydraulic Shovels are loaded with options--giving you the flexibility to match the machine front to your specific application. These purpose-built specialty machines can be sourced through Caterpillar OEM Solutions and our global network of auxiliary equipment manufacturers. Let us help you build your jobsite solution.

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Material Handlers

Whether you operate indoors in areas with limited space such as a transfer or recycling station, or outdoors in a scrap yard or waterway/port application, material handlers are purpose-designed and built for excellent reach, flexibility and lift performance to meet the tough requirements of material handling applications. Special features such as heavy-duty frames and wide undercarriage ensure aggressive performance, reliability and excellent productivity. A variety of Cat grapples are also available to maximize machine performance in material handling applications.

Ultra High Demolition

UHD machines can reach higher and are capable of supporting the work tools you need for your demo job. Fronts can be interchangeable, making your demo jobs safer and faster. Caterpillar offers best-in-class work tools for bigger and more versatile demolition applications.

Long Reach

Long Reach excavators provide extra reach needed for deep digging applications, finishing/grading of embankments, and for dredging under water.


Rippers are typically large hydraulic excavators equipped with short, heavy-duty booms and sticks. The stick is typically equipped with a ripper shank work tool. These machines are often used for ripping rock or tightly packed soil and can be found, for example, in road-building applications.

VA Booms

Variable Adjustable (VA) boom configured machines offer improved right-side visibility, better roading balance, improved versatility when working in tight quarters, and are able to lift heavy loads. VA-style booms offer improved flexibility and versatility versus a standard one-piece boom.

Extending Booms & Sticks

Extending booms provide extra-long reach in unique applications, such as working alongside of a pier or access to a subway shaft. Oftentimes the work tools used in such applications develop a square hole. Typical work tool for this application is a clamshell-style bucket.

Specificatii tehnice


Standard Bucket Capacity Face Shovel (heaped 2:1) - 16.5 m3 (21.6 yd3); Backhoe (heaped 1:1) - 17.0 m3 (22.2 yd3)
Engine Output - SAE J1995 1140 kW (1,530 hp)
Operating Weight Face Shovel - 294 tonnes (324 tons); Backhoe - 296 tonnes (326 tons)
Engine Output - SAE J1995 - 2 × Cat C27 ACERT 1140 kW
Hydraulic System with Pump Managing System
Maximum Pressure - Travel Swing Pumps 360 bar
Maximum Pressure - Attachment 310 bar
Swing Pumps 2 × reversible swash plate double pumps
Swing Pumps - Maximum Flow - Diesel 2 × 394 L/min (2 × 104 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure - Swing Pumps 350 bar
Main Pumps 4 × variable swash plate pumps
Main Pumps - Maximum Total Oil Flow 4 × 552 L/min (4 × 146 gal/min)
Hydraulic Oil Cooling
Diameter - Fan 2 × 1220 mm (2 × 48 in)
Maximum Flow 2 × 467 L/min (2 × 123 gal/min)
Operator's Cab
Components (2) Fold-away auxiliary seat with safety belt
Operator's Eye Level - Approximately 6.5 m
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Width 1600 mm
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Height 2150 mm
Components (1) FOPS (rock guard; approved according to DIN ISO 3449) integrated into cab structure
Internal Dimensions of Cab - Length 2200 mm
Swing System
Maximum Swing Speed - Diesel Version 4.6 r/min
Parking Brakes Wet multiple-disc brake, spring-loaded/hydraulically released
Swing Ring Triple-race roller bearing with sealed internal gearing
Swing Drive 2 compact planetary transmissions with axial piston motors
Maximum Drawbar Pull - Forward 1637 kN
Support Rollers - Each Side 2 plus a skid plate in between
Travel Speed - 2nd Stage - Maximum 2.7 km/h
Track Pads - Each Side 47
Components (2) Fully hydraulic self-adjusting track tensioning system with membrane accumulator
Components (3) Automatic hydraulic retarder valve to prevent over-speed on downhill travel
Maximum Tractive Force 1637 kN
Travel Speed - 1st Stage - Maximum 1.4 km/h
Components (1) All running surfaces of sprockets, idlers, rollers and pad links, as well as teeth contact areas of sprocket and pad links, are hardened
Gradeability - Travel Drives - Approximate 64 %
Bottom Rollers - Each Side 7
Electrical System
Batteries in Series/Parallel Installation 4 × 210 Ah – 12V each; 420 Ah – 24V in total
System Voltage 24V
Alternator Rating 2 × 150A
Gross Power - SAE J1995 1140 kW 1,800 min-1 (1,530 hp 1,800 min-1)
Net Power - SAE J1349 1140 kW 1,800 min-1 (1,530 hp 1,800 min-1)
Emissions U.S. EPA flex (Tier 2)
Engine Model 2 × Cat® C27 ACERT™
Service Refill Capacities
Hydraulic Tank 2500 l
Frontless Weight 214989 kg
Service Refill Capacities
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 3500 l
Extra Wide 1200 mm
Service Refill Capacities
Grease Tank 450 l
Standard 1000 mm
Automatic Lubrication System
Capacity - Grease Barrel 450 l
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 5070 l
Components (4) Cast double-grouser combined pad-links with bushings connected by hardened full floating pins
Automatic Lubrication System
Type Dual-circuit system with hydraulically driven heavy-duty pump and electronic time relay control to adjust the pause/lube times
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